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What it is:

Chiropractic is a hands-on, holistic method of improving health and relieving pain by removing structural misalignments that impinge upon the nervous system and inhibit the body's natural healing potential.


Misalignments can be caused by severe trauma, or simply by an action that stresses the body over time, e.g., repetitive movement.  Further, the trauma causing the pain and discomfort need not be of recent origin. Chiropractors regularly see patients who have only begun to suffer from an injury that occurred a decade or more ago.  Like cancer or heart disease, spinal problems are often asymptomatic until the damage has progressed to a critical state.  In other words, pain is not always the first signal that a problem exists, but may be the last.  Therefore, immediate and qualified Chiropractic care should be sought following any accident, even those that appear to be minor.        


Adjusting Techniques:



There are many Chiropractic techniques, most of which were

developed by the early practioners.


The technique I utilize is based upon the work of Dr. Richard

VanRumpt who began its development in 1923.


It is a non-invasive, low force technique that utilizes a

sophisticated and unique method of diagnosis that allows the

patient's body to identify the existence, specific location, and exact vectors of the misalignment.  Once this information is gathered the correction is achieved through a light force thumb thrust.  The bone, muscles, ligaments, and discs associated with the misalignment are each individually adjusted.  And, the usual sounds that accompany a Chiropractic adjustment (that many patients dislike) are completely missing.



Dr. Parberry's Credentials:





  •   B.S. in Psychology, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  •   MBA in Finance, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  •   Doctorate of Chiropractic, Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic, formerly                 located in Horsham, Pennsylvania.  

  •   Credentialed in Physiological Therapuetics by The National College of Chiropractic

  •   Additional post-graduate study in Nutrition.

  •   National Board certified. 

  •   Licensed in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

  •   In private practice since 1995.




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